MYOShift are a collection of architects, activists, designers, makers and doers who believe space that houses free, collective expression and the sharing of knowledge is central for communities to thrive and adapt. We put our heads together to design and build agile, freely accessible community spaces in meanwhile use* buildings. The process is community-led, open, inclusive and utterly makeshift!

This is our response to the strains of austerity upon our communities; to the rapid loss of community and public spaces. We are delving between the cracks of gentrification in search of opportunity. Over 24,000 buildings that could be used for temporary housing, community venues or workspaces lay disused and lifeless in London. By being more agile, more energetic and more creative than the establishment, we can redefine and reclaim our public community spaces.

Make Your Own Shift is a call to action for the community. We are calling for shifts in society. Shifts that put our communities’ needs at the heart of society.

*meanwhile use refers to the temporary usage of empty or under-used buildings whilst they are in transition.


Alexa Muen

detail of light painting

Currently creating abstract anthropomorphic forms out of a combination of emitting light, and paint. Continuing to add multiple layers of interacting light and depth, to create sculptural dimensions with layers of contextual meanings.

The choice of materials add further conceptual layers to the pieces, conveying a tension implicit in the interconnection of technology and nature, which is key in modern life.

The select mix of materials, range from the very traditional, such as organic hand woven wool yarn from Wales [referencing the historical hidden female artist who worked in embroidery] , jute sacking cloth or linen canvas, ink, and oil or acrylic paint. In contrast I also use technological and industrial materials such as, acrylic panels, clear vinyl, aluminium, copper, insulation materials, small motors, bike batteries, and the key material, the programmable colour changeable water proof LED lights, which also have variable intensity of emmition.

Visit Alex Muen's website to find out more about them.

Boombox Challenge Soundsystem Builders

soundsystem setup

We love soundsystems.

People’s lives are transformed through spreading a message of love through the airwaves. We aim to bring the opportunities for young people to build their own soundsystems, encouraging them to build grassroots music platforms and provide opportunities for their local developing music scene.

So many people don’t get these opportunities. This is a skill you don’t get taught, but needs good reliable teachers and mentors who can guide you. We’re here for you to get your party started.

Concrete Action

Concrete Action is a collective comprised of architects, journalists and researchers working towards ethical and transparent practices of architecture and planning.

The concreteaction site has been operational since 2015 as a space for those working in building design, planning and construction to anonymously provide advance information on proposed developments, to disseminate planning and development knowledge to communities and activists, and to link professionals who are willing to provide educational and design services for those negatively affected by property development.

Foodhall Sheffield

detail of light painting

At the heart of Foodhall lies the belief that everyone should have access to food and company.

The Foodhall is an open community centred around the making and distribution of food. They operate on a Put a bit in and pay-as-you-feel donation basis to ensure everything we offer is truly accessible. Through visiting our Foodhall you support and extend our work, by contributing either your skills, time or making a donation.

Visit the Foodhall website to find out more about them.

In Situ

detail of light painting

In-Situ is a collective focusing on Hip-hop and architecture.

Our aim is to create a platform for people in the hip hop and other creative communities to meet, network and collaborate on projects that push forward the culture. Everyone has a different background and skill-set that makes the collaboration more vivid and rich.

The emphasis on hip-hop is not restricted to the music nor the clichés of 'street' culture. We're interested in anything that relates to youth, society and the city.

Visit the In Situ website to find out more about them.

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