D&B week: Day one.

people working together in workspace

Within 2 hours the left hand side of the building, had been cleared out by a group of masked and gloved volunteers. Henry the Industrial Hoover made a very welcome and most needed guest appearance. Behind the stacks of soft-play mats, amongst the rubble, lay three huge bits of gear used in the old water pumping station. The water pumps. And we quickly established they were impossible to move.

This slight curveball influenced our first design decision: a mezzanine floor. Below which, through a black grate, you can admire the silhouette of this majestic machinery. Lit up with backlighting. Two mezzanine floors with large arena-style steps between them. The steps provide seating, storage and access to both mezzanines floors.

The group naturally split off into two working groups; mezzanine and reception area. Whilst Hannah and Simon beavered away on the mezzanine, measuring and slicing with the circular saw. A larger group underwent a natural collaborative process to design the reception and MYO drinks area. One challenge that arose was making the space feel accessible for guests and yet functional as a reception or bar area for evening events. The outcome? A trapezoidal tangram (you could say). Four trapezoids (each with two right-angles), which can fit together to make an L shape, rectangle or four-pointed star shape. These modular pieces allow for the reception area to be easily assembled in a number of different ways to suit different events.

A total of 13 volunteers showed up to help out throughout the day. Bringing along with them different skills, ideas, experiences and tools to contribute to the build. This is only day one and we saw countless examples of teamwork and group problem-solving. It was a great to see number of individuals’ get a chance to use power tools for the first time. From 6 people and a pump truck wrestling to move these giant water pumps just an inch to measuring the height of the mezzanine frame in situ. This was an environment for learning from one another and combining skills to find solutions.


14.04.2019 A day of mindfulness, arts, crafts & jamming

Dear friends, please join us for a Day of Mindfulness and an eve of jamming...

10am - open and arrival time and tea (bring your own mug)

10.30am - guided meditation

11am - Arts and crafts*

12.30pm - mindful walking

1pm - mindful eating (please bring a vegetarian or vegan dish to share)

2pm - short meditation

2.20pm - Arts and crafts*

4.30pm - Guided deep relaxation meditation

5.30pm - Clear up and transition to Jamming

6pm Jamming....

9pm close

* We need your help to make homemade paper, musical props and sculptures for Mindful Music's fundraisers and musicals. You just need yourself and any items of rubbish you have no idea what to do with, and can't bare to see going to landfill... I will have materials too... so mainly just bring your wonderful self.

For more info: check the event on FB.

13.04.2019 Liquid Lunch with Secret Spielberg

Make Your Own Shift and Secret Spielberg are coming out to play, bringing you a beautiful, chaotic evening of psychedelic music and interactive visuals. Alongside the music, we have an exciting programme of interactive visuals including MYOS's very own Marbled, who will be projecting their liquid and colour installation onto anything that will stay still for long enough, and invite you to join them - keep an eye out for details on how to get involved!

Our friends Parametrica Studio will be bringing their modulator, "an immersive, interactive audio visual installation that gives control of the artwork and sound it's projecting and playing to the public via three control panels. Through the modulation of these control panels people can work together to create soundtracks and beautiful geometric digital artwork simultaneously."

09.04.2019 Social Art Network London meetup

This is the social event for anyone interested in social art taking place every second Tuesday of the month in different locations around London.

We'll hear from individuals working with art in social contexts, give you the chance to speak, and get socialising - join us!

The April meet-up is hosted Poet in the City and Make Your Own Shift. This venue is accessible - please get in touch if you have any questions around what access facilities are available or if there's anything we can support you with.


What is "social art"? That's what the Social Art Network is here to explore and discuss.

We want to hear from you during our community minutes!

Maybe you have an idea you'd like to throw out there or tell us what social practice means to you (if it means anything?).

Have you ever engaged with social art or are you new to it?

Are you looking to get involved or collaborate?

Art can be active in our environments.

It can make change in our communities.

It can be used to ask questions, to uplift, to reveal.

Social art invites discussion of art, community, social topics, and your input in that discussion.

Social art is defined by you, so what do you want it to be?

Social Art Network is committed to dialogue, active listening, cooperation, sharing, solidarity and empathy in developing the voice of artists and creative practitioners in the sector. With a commitment to diversity, SAN seeks to include all artists and creative practitioners dedicated to socially engaged practice regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, age and national status, and any areas where each of these might intersect.

Please read the guidelines for attending the discussion.

More info on event on FB.

07.04.2019 Renters Rights Workshop

Come learn about your rights as a renter and how collective action can help renters win better conditions. The day will include an introduction to London renters Union and an opportunity to meet other local renters.

In this workshop we will cover:

-Our rights as renters: how we're protected against evictions, disrepair, and rogue landlords, and where the law is rigged in favour of landlords.

-How we're using collective action to win with our members.

-Everything you need to know to get involved with London Renters Union.

For more info:

email hackney@londonrentersunion.org

London Renters Union website


Europe is falling apart, the UK is falling apart, music is falling apart, politics is falling apart. Ensemble x.y is presenting EUROPEAN EXTREME, an evening of music, video, and discussion about Europe, art, and extremity, just as we tip across the Brexit line

Richard Hames, Mayah Kadish, and Elischa Kaminer present music about border policing and the intimacy of close listening. We’re blasting out Dror Feiler’s ‘Lament,’ an astonishingly intense work of brilliant virtuosity. We’re playing the late Ana-Maria Avram’s ‘Parhelion,’ which grinds and crackles and buzzes with all the electricity of her hyperspectralist performances. Ensemble x.y are honoured to be the first group other than the Hyperion Ensemble to perform Avram’s work, and will be joined by members of Hyperion for this unique performance. We’re performing 'Life Expectancy' by Elena Rykova, from Ufa, at the very threshold of geographical Europe, a strange and beautiful work of theatrical delight.

Apocalypse Jazz Unit will bring us over the Brexit border line (11pm) as we look on our blasted future with help and comfort from our blasted past.


Richard Drayton talking about ‘Europe and its Borderless Borders.'

See you at the threshold.

16.03 & 23.03.2019 Theatre of the Oppressed for Housing Injustice

Concrete Action have teamed up with political theatre company You Should see the Other Guy to deliver two days of workshops introducing you to Theatre of the Oppressed techniques and exercises. Over two Saturdays we will play and collaborate, using theatre games, image theatre and forum theatre to generate discussions around home and displacement, as well as to create communal reflection around different forms of oppression.

This is an introductory workshop suitable for beginners and will be an opportunity for us to start contemplating the use of Theatre of the Oppressed techniques as a tool for social and personal transformation.


Nina Scott and Carley-Jayne Hutchinson from You Should see the Other Guy.

12.03 - 02.04.2019 Make Your Admin Noisy as Hell

Watch the trailer here!

A series of four creative workshops which reflect on, and respond to, contemporary work realities. These workshops will take as a starting point the default position for a lot of today’s work: sitting at a computer or laptop, getting through to-do lists, writing emails, updating a C.V. We will explode this mundane scenario with a series of vocal, technological and physical responses. What is the emotional cost of cognitive labour? Is the boundary between work and life inevitably blurred?

Week 1: Make Your Admin Noisy As Hell

Everybody takes their laptops to the session. Through a miracle of vocal and technological wizardry, the laptops begin to scream and cough at every letter of every email. You have made your admin noisy as hell. What a ruckus.


Week 2: Eat My CV, and I’ll Eat Yours.

The chewed up remains become poems, the poems get put to music, we sing our labour free.

Week 3: Oh Yeah, My Body, I Forgot!

That fidgeting finger, those grinding teeth, that bopping knee, the slouching zombie seagull posture. We push it to an extreme. It’s the zombie carnival death-dance of obsessive fidgeting.

Week 4: Write & Sing The 2019 Work Song.

We look at the history of working songs and protest songs. In the age of zero-hour contracts, emails on the loo and #hustle, what does a work song sound like?

Come to just one or come to them all!

These workshops are supported by the Durham Wharf Trust.

01.03.2019 Rainbow of Desires Community Workshop

Together, we used Boal's techniques to cultivate a space in which to share experiences and anecdotes which represent 'oppressions' - moments when you have felt silenced or 'wronged' - using our bodies and the perspectives of others in the room to express and explore them. As a result, we will understand and potentially find a way to approach them differently in the future. Boal's is most well known for the Theatre of the Oppressed.

All of his techniques thrive on problems, and the MYO (make your own) space in Harringey has presented a fantastic opportunity to be with others in a space of self and societal-reflection.

The workshop was held by Sydney, who has attended a Cardboard Citizen's workshop in the Rainbow of Desires and has experience in facilitating a children's drama group. It should be noted that although Boal's work can be therapeutic, it is not therapy and the facilitator does not claim to have any therapeutic experience.

Everybody was encouraged to arrive ready to take responsibility for themselves and others in the room, so that we could collaborate to create a safe space in which to explore and change how we respond to recurring oppressions in our own lives and others.

No skills needed other than openness, the ability to listen and to observe.

17.02.2019 Launch day!

Join us to celebrate the opening of MYO Community Centre with a day of workshops, art, creativity and music for all the family!

Make Your Own... [insert one or many of the following]


Print your own garms, tee or tote with In Situ

Learn about... [insert one or many of the following]

the incredible properties of everyday herbs | alternative economies | fermentation | paper folding | design | screen printing | the community apothecary and medicine making |

Join us for a COMMUNITY MEAL at 5pm - made from food rescued from landfill. As a part of the #nationalfoodservice campaign in collaboration with Foodhall / Sheffield.

LIVE MUSIC all day! Including a children and adult's drumming circle workshop with Mindful Music. After the community meal we will be joined by local musicians for a jam and a dance - please bring your instruments!

Bring yourselves, your friends and family, your instruments, your creativity and ideas - Let's celebrate community and doing it ourselves!

We welcome you to join the MYO family. This is a space for you to enjoy and use as you need; to run your own workshops and events; to create your own projects and collaborate.

The day is on a Pay As You Feel basis. If you get involved in a workshop or join us for dinner - help us to hold more events like this and to keep the space running. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

MYO Community Centre access is to the left of The Castle Climbing Centre main entrance. Follow the signs! There is disabled access to the building and disabled toilets in the main centre.

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