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18.05.2019 Summer Sustainability Fair

During this event, we will be providing the general public with demonstrations, workshops and talks about renewable energy and sustainable technologies. This will cover - but is not limited to - the following:

DEMONSTRATIONS: 12:00 pm - 16:00 pm


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Solar thermal tea shop - yes, you read it correctly, we're going to be providing tea heated by our very own star, the Sun! Avoid all that fossil-fuel-powered kettle malarky and learn more about how solar thermal is an efficient way of capturing the Sun's energy on an increasingly large scale.

Thermoelectric power - get hands-on (literally!) with our thermoelectric hand generators, demonstrating that your own body heat can be transformed into useful electricity. Pit yourself against your daughter and see who can light up the LED first, purely with the touch of your hand!

3D printed wind power - take a look at our funky Prusa 3D printer, churning out wind turbine blades for our small energy-harvesting devices, replete with cogs, axles and working motors. Let's see what sort of power we can generate together, off-grid.

Bioenergy - gather round for an insight into making your own 'terrarium'; creating your own mini-scale water cycle and maybe even turning some of the biochar into a battery material!


The Castle Garden - of course, our wonderful venue partners will be turning their garden into a fun-filled place full of face painting, mini make-your-own wind turbines from recycled materials, alongside a bunch of other fun games for all to enjoy.

Hydrogen power

- UCell - UCL Fuel Cells will take you through the process of electrolysis (making hydrogen) and utilising the product fuel in a fuel cell to regenerate electricity when and where it is needed most. You never know, maybe they'll even turn up in their hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle!

Meditation corner - Joanna May we have a leading expert in the field of work-based stress and meditation who will be holding talks and providing information throughout the day.

Sustainable agriculture - GreenLab will hopefully join us to discuss various topics, including: urban agriculture (living walls, green roofs), aquaponics and hydroponics, and why 'permaculture' is so vital going forward.

TALKS/PANEL: 16:00 pm - 18:00 pm

Talks may include: Meditation in the Workplace, Off-grid living, Wind, Solar, Hydrogen & Battery storage technologies and a guest speaker from Greenpeace UK.

For more info: check the event on FB.

DON'T FORGET! We're hosting a MAKE YOUR OWN SOLAR PANEL workshop on Sunday 19th May in the same location.

Recurring Workshops

Agile Community Space Workshops & Make Your Own Sh*t

Agile Community Spaces

We are hosting a co-learning workshop to delve into what a community space in London, a society of the precarious, might look like. We will be exploring through arts, crafts, and free play our relationships with public space and community.

We are in a time of precarity. People are forced to adapt to more isolated and root-less lifestyles, defined by ‘placemaking hubs’ leaving the urban areas around them to decay. We are looking to discuss creating agile spaces ‘made by everybody, for everybody’ that will grow, change and disperse with the people that use it and leave a social legacy in the local areas. This workshop is a creative and engaging way to start looking at reclaiming community space.

Make Your Own Sh*t

Do you have something you've been meaning to make for ages but just can't get yourself to do it? Come down and join others in the same boat. Make those drawers; or that amazing handmade birthday present for a loved one; fix a lamp; or make a foldable screen printing table.. This space is your oyster.

Combining both these workshops, we will look at community spaces and how to make them. Come and join the movement!

Drink & Draw

Come and draw, discuss, and drink (anything from rooibos to redstripe). Each session we -will look at different themes within political structures, identity, culture and more!

More info on the first event in this series here!

Friday Family Fun

Join, lead, create workshops with your children. Our kids are full of wonderful ideas. In this space we invite you to join in in workshops led by parents and children. Your child is into LEGO? Let's do that! Drawing is their thing- let's let their imagination run wild! Into creepy crawlies? Sounds great!

Junk modelling - let's make recycling the best fun ever.

Make Your Own Soundsystem

Each different class will have specialists who bring expertise and skills, however this is more about community self-learning. We can learn more or less anything from google, from basics to detailed acoustics research. This is as much learning how to co-learn in community as it is about soundsystems. Techperts will be on hand to assist and point to ideal resources and float between teams to help.

More info on the first event in this series here!

More TBA..

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